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Energetic healing and spiritual wellness can take place in various ways, including through card-reading sessions. Using oracle and/or tarot cards, readings provide gentle and insightful guidance related to a situation or experience to help you better understand issues and patterns in your life.


Traditionally, tarot cards are based on an ancient 78-card system that describes a storyline which includes a look at the “shadow” part of life, the part of one’s life that is hidden from view. Over time tarot has become feared through negative and scary depictions of cards like “Death,” "The Devil" or “The Hanged Man.” However, tarot cards are simply a representation of various experiences of life. Oracles cards are different from tarot cards. Oracle cards tend to focus on a theme, such as life purpose or relationships, or may even be based on a particular realm, such as angels or fairies.


A reading can be as simple as pulling one card, or as complex as a multiple-card or multiple-deck reading. A card-reading session is intended to uplift, encourage, support and guide you through a particular life situation or event, leaving you feeling empowered and inspired.


Christie has been reading cards for well over 20 years in a mainly informal setting, for friends and family, but her clientele has been steadily expanding since 2013. She has experience working with various decks ranging from traditional tarot to angel and fairy tarot cards, as well as a wide variety of oracle decks related to the angels, the elemental realms, and other themes.


Card-reading sessions are available by 30-minute and 60-minute appointments. For an additional charge, you can add a mini (15 minutes) card-reading session to any of Christie's wellness services. Please let her know when you book your wellness service.


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