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Christiane (Christie) Parcigneau, Certified Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master and Wellness Consultant, focuses on creating a sense of balance and well-being through personalised instruction. Whether you're looking for a yoga practice to complement your ongoing physical health needs or a coaching program to guide you through some though times, Christie's integrated and holistic approach to wellness can help you reach your goals toward a happy and vibrant life.


As a certified Integrated Yoga Tune Up® teacher, Christie specialises in functional mobility and therapeutic movement based on the body's bio-mechanics. This deep understanding of the intricate weavings of the anatomy, and her other certifications and trainings, make Christie a coveted yoga teacher capable of working with people of all ages and abilities.


With her extensive knowledge and experience in energy therapy modalities and various wellness and consciousness-raising practices, her life coaching sessions provide an opportunity to explore healing on a whole new level.


Having experienced physical injuries leaving her in pain, as well as personal loss leading to grief and depression, Christie has been able to overcome her obstacles, and create a happy, vibrant and healthy life for herself. One of her transformational shifts was to leave (after almost 17 years!) her successful career as an executive in the federal government. Her desire to help others live their best life was so strong that she decided, in 2013, to work full-time in the area of wellness, following her Soul’s passion. Clients who work with Christie often comment on the power, depth and positivity of her nurturing energy.


Christie offers various wellness services, in both English and French, throughout the Ottawa area.


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