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Christie offers various corporate wellness services, including yoga and meditation classes, to suit your office and employee needs. She has provided Lunch and Learn sessions, Corporate Retreat wellness workshops and ongoing wellness options for a variety of workplaces. Her services are available in English and French.


Corporate Wellness - Yoga and Reiki


Attending Christie’s corporate yoga class is a joy every week. Christie delivers a fine balance of strength, stretching and mindfulness. She teaches you how to engage your mind, body and soul to achieve harmony in your life.

- David, NRCan Corporate Yoga participant


I really enjoy Christie’s approach to yoga.  She creates a very calm space without any sense of ‘competition’ among participants. She encourages us to respect our bodies by never forcing a position and by ‘listening’ to what the body needs. She emphasizes the benefit of a pose no matter how you manage to achieve it. She also helps each person make adjustments needed to accommodate any physical issue they may have. Her classes are like an oasis in the middle of a hectic work week!

- Anonymous, NRCan Corporate Yoga participant


I’ve been fortunate enough to have Christie conduct a noon-hour yoga session once a week over the past few months, either in our boardroom or outside on the lawn when the weather permits. It’s one of the highlights of my work week – a chance to focus on my breathing, refocus, readjust and set the course for the rest of the week. I appreciate how Christie gently helps me on a number of occasions to correct my form and accomplish the intended stretch. Already looking forward to the next session!

- Stephan, NRCan Corporate Yoga participant



Christiane has been my yoga mentor for over a year, and she has taught me to be in tune with my body! With her experience in Therapeutic Yoga, as well as Reiki, she teaches everyone to work within their individual capabilities and how to modify each move to their best benefit. Christiane teaches you to listen to your body and how to do each pose best modified to your strengths and limitations. Out of all the many yoga teachers I've ever had, Christiane has taught me best how to do each pose without any strain or pain, and optimally suited to my specific needs. She is an exemplary instructor and guide, fulfilling my passion for the art of yoga.

- Yen, March 2017



Corporate Wellness - Wellness in the Workplace 2017


On May 3, 2017, Christie was invited to make another presentation to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). This time, the wellness workshop was offered to CBSA staff across the country via web cast! Christie talked about the importance of self-care through breath and movement, and presented stress-reduction tools and techniques employees can easily implement in the workplace.




Corporate Wellness - Wellness in the Workplace 2016


On January 8, 2016, Christie was invited to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) Communications Directorate to speak about wellness in the workplace as part of their Lunch & Learn series. Knowing how stressful the environment is having worked there herself, Christie focused her presentation on providing specific tools employees can use to help reduce stress and anxiety: breathing techniques to regain a sense of calmness and focus, and gentle stretches that can be done sitting in a chair or using a desk for support.


Below are comments Christie received from CBSA Communications Lunch & Learn participants:


“Very informative and gave real-life examples I could relate to.”


“Christie was an amazing presenter! Tips were very practical and easy to implement.  Very applicable to life!”


“It was very practical and insightful. I walked away with some great things to think about!  Wish it had lasted longer! Would love a follow-up session.”


 “Loved the whole thing. This session should be made available to other directorates.”


“What I liked most was the breathing exercises. Easy way to centre myself, take a break.”


“I like that she clearly explained each of her ideas and why they were important. I also appreciated that she talked about some things that people with back pain can do as this is something I suffer from.”


“Great speaker who gave useful tips and techniques for dealing with stress and the effects of sitting in a chair all day.”


“This was a great idea for a wellness session. It addressed both mental and physical stress.”


“This session added to an understanding of the importance of a well-being culture in the workplace. Excellent!”


“Thank you for organizing. It was well worth the time!”


Corporate Yoga - Wellness for Charity


Christie will be teaching meditation and yoga classes, during the month of October, at the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) as part of their 2015 fundraising efforts for the Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign (GCWCC) for the United Way. This is Christie's third invitation in four years to participate in the CBSA's United Way activities. As always, she is happy to donate all proceeds raised for her classes to the GCWCC.


This year, classes are open to anyone in the Ottawa area who works at the CBSA. For full details, please contact Christie directly.


In both 2012 and 2013, Christie provided Hatha Yoga classes the first year and meditation classes the second year to the Human Resources Branch (HRB) of the CBSA. All proceeds collected for the classes were donated directly to the Agency's annual United Way fund-raising campaign.


"Christie has graciously offered her time in support of our fund-raising campaign through the Federal Public Service for GCWCC* with United Way in donation of guided meditation sessions in 2013 as well as Hatha Yoga classes in 2012. Christie’s energy is nurturing, restorative, healing and caring and her passion is contagious. My personal experience with Christie has led me on an educational adventure in meditation and I love it! I highly recommend her!"

(*Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign)

Juanita Inglese (HRB/CBSA)



"I participated in both the yoga and meditation classes as part of our Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign. Both were welcomed breaks in the middle of the work day and Christie helped to re-energize us for the rest of the day. As a former public servant, Christie knows how hectic it can be, and her knowledge and experience provided definite benefits to the group."

 Lisa Carpinteiro (HRB/CBSA)


Corporate Yoga Retreat - Natural Resource Canada 2015 Retreat


Christie was invited by a team from Natural Resources Canada to teach a yoga class, on September 22, 2015, as part of their retreat activities. It was a beautiful day and close to 50 participants joined Christie for outdoor yoga by the Rideau River at Mooney's Bay.


"Christiane was well-prepared, thoughtful and engaging. She and Mother Nature conspired to provide everything we needed to experience a truly relaxing and connected practice. Thanks so much!"

Andrea, NRCan






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