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Working with Elementals


Elementals are energy beings who resonate with one of the four elements of life and nature: earth, air, fire and water.


One of the first Certified Fairyologists in the world, Christie has studied under internationally renowned author and Angel Therapy (and Fairyology!) expert Doreen Virtue. Fairies, known as Nature’s Angels, are from the Elemental realm of air and work with the animal kingdom and nature to keep our planet healthy and vibrant.


If you are interested in learning more about the various Elemental beings, including fairies, and understanding how you can work with them, Christie can help you! Working with the Elementals is light and fun, and rewarding for all ages!


Please contact Christie to book your private appointment or group workshop.


Below are a few elementals Christie has felt around her while walking. Can you spot them, too?



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