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Photos: Christie at work and at play

A collection of still images of Christie at work and at play, showcasing some of Christie's favorite poses and a few of her classes.




Other Media: Christie on the move

Any video or other media that Christie has appeared in, including news interviews.


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Photos: Christie at work and at play

Other Media: Christie on the move

Video and sound clips

In this month's video, Christie talks about the difficulty many people experience when sitting on the floor and provides some tips you can explore to make this pose more comfortable.

Do your wrists get sore when you do yoga? This month, Christie has put together a brief video to teach you how to properly place your hands on your mat for better support and strength when doing yoga poses.

OTTAWA, ON - I’ve been asked many times why people find it difficult to sit cross-legged on the floor in yoga class. There might be numerous factors at play that could prevent a person from sitting comfortably on the floor, but one of the simplest things you can change could have a huge impact on your overall health.

OTTAWA, ON - For years now Christie has been bringing her wellness expertise into the office providing tangible tools you can use while sitting in a meeting or working at your desk. Take a moment out of your day to move a little, stretch a little and remember to breathe!

OTTAWA, ON - Depuis des années, Christie apporte son expertise en matière du mieux-être au bureau en fournissant des outils que vous pouvez utiliser au travail. Prenez un moment pour bouger un peu! Étirez-vous un peu et n'oubliez pas de respirer!

PranaShanti Yoga Centre OTTAWA, ON - Christie discusses the common misconception about gentle yoga practice and lists three of its benefits. Also available through PranaShanti Yoga Centre's YouTube channel.

PranaShanti Yoga Centre OTTAWA, ON - Christie did a video for PranaShanti Yoga Centre presenting three tips to prepare for a gentle yoga practice.


Most people feel the need to constantly push themselves to do and achieve, but sometimes the body and mind simply need to rest. The benefits of gentle yoga include releasing stress and tension, increasing mental clarity and alertness, and cultivating a greater awareness of self.

OTTAWA, ON - CTV Morning Live interviews Christie and Devinder Kaur (Pranashanti Yoga Centre) about the Mother's Day Relaxation workshop on May 12, 2013.

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