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Christie has numerous years’ experience providing Life Coaching and consciousness-raising practices to individuals from all walks of life. Her “no BS” approach can guide you through difficult personal issues and energetic blockages to explore your dreams, find your life passion and soul purpose, and live your life in the present moment.


By bringing awareness and mindfulness into your life you will be able to shift out of old energy patterns and move into the Earth and humanity’s higher consciousness frequency with more ease.


Professional Development:

As a former Government of Canada executive, Christie offers Mentoring and Coaching Services to current federal public servants in the Communications field who wish to develop their professional abilities and advance their careers.


Christie's Path to Ultimate Vibrancy is a coaching program unlike any other! Using effective and practical tools and techniques, Christie will help you address issues that are limiting you so you can move forward with confidence in all areas of your life.


If you are truly ready to embark on this powerful journey, contact Christie for your free 90-minute consultation to your Path to Ultimately Vibrancy!





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