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Personalised Classes

Christie likes to bring her teachings and experience into different activities that will help change your perspective on your overall wellness goals. Whether you are a runner training for a marathon or you are interested in the marshal arts, Christie can help you gain extra awareness of your body through a supportive yoga or energy work session. She is also eager to help expand your mind by sharing her experience and knowledge. Need personal guidance on your path to wellness? Christie has a program for you!



Personal Coaching


Christie offers a life coaching program to help you move forward in your life. The Path to Ultimate Vibrancy coaching program is designed to meet you where you are and guide you to where you want to be.


“Christie assisted me with implementing life-long changes through her multi-faceted and adaptable approach. Her advice is candid yet practical.”



"Be Well" Program


If you are searching for a customised yoga program that works toward eliminating your pain and reducing your stress, look no further. Christie's Be Well in Your Body yoga program will help you make a truly lasting difference in your life.


Despite having visited two separate physios over the last two years with no permanent resolution to my discomfort, Christie worked with me to help isolate potential causes of my pain and identify lifestyle changes that I could make to put me on track towards healing and wellness. Thanks Christie!

- Erin, Ottawa



Aikido Meets Yoga


Christie was excited to teach her seventh annual yoga workshop to the Yoseikan Aikido of Orleans group in July 2019! This year's workshop theme was the finding strength and balance through fluidity. Christie took the group through a Roll Model® Method practice where participants used the various Roll Model® Therapy Balls for self-myofascial release (self-massage).


Each year, since 2013, Christie has been invited to teach a private yoga workshop to the adult group of the Yoseikan Aikido of Orleans. The workshops focus on bringing a greater sense of body awareness by linking the participants’ Aikido moves with traditional Hatha Yoga poses.


Christie focuses primarily on posture and body alignment, and connecting the breath with movements. Each yoga pose and movement she presents at the workshop are consistent with the traditional stances and movement used in martial arts. Christie also addresses individual participants' needs through additional poses and modifications.


The workshops have allowed the Yoseikan Aikido of Orleans participants to experience the complementary nature of Hatha Yoga poses to increase their strength and stability in their Aikido training.


Christie is also proud to have been invited to teach her fourth annual yoga workshop, in August 2019, to the Yoseikan Aikido of Orleans group Summer Camp for youth. Since the Summer of 2016, Christie has designed workshops to help the children learning Aikido to also experience yogic aspects of breath, meditation and body awareness.



“I would like to express how much the students benefited from your teaching: use of the breath, only to stretch as much as our bodies allow, not to force, and one of the most important points of all, movement, especially Aikido, to keep your body and joints centered and in line.


Mindfulness, meditation and proper hydration should be an integral part of every life, every day.”

Joseph Capogreco

Aikido Teacher


Energy work - Healing Your Energetic Body Workshop


On November 30, 2013, Christie led an energy workshop at PranaShanti. The Healing Your Energetic Body workshop focused on understanding how energy impacts our health and well-being. In the workshop, participants learned to sense their own energy, as well as others’. Participants were also able to witness the incredible power thoughts have on our self and on people around us. The dynamic and experiential workshop helped participants better understand the role they play in their own health, and offered simple tools they can use to cleanse and strengthen their energetic body.


"Christiane’s workshop was inspiring. She demystified the meaning of energy and verbalized it in a way that we can relate it to our everyday living. It has made me even more conscious of my energy field and to how to take care of myself."

Sylvie McNicoll






Education and mentoring - Bell High School Learns About Yoga


On November 21, 2013, Christie was invited to Bell High School to speak to grade 11 students about yoga. As part of their World Religions Class, the students were studying Hinduism. Christie explained to the students that, though yoga is independent of any religion, yoga does have roots in Hinduism. She presented The Eight Limbs of Yoga, the yogic philosophy, which states that yoga is more than just the physical poses we have come to know. It is the union of the body and the mind with the breath, and is truly a way of life. After discussing the yogic philosophy, Christie then took the students through a short yoga class.


"As part of our unit on Hinduism, Christie took our class through a short demonstration of Yoga and its spiritual underpinnings. She was professional, entertaining and very informative. Thanks Christie, our class loved it!"

Angie Cameron

Department Head, Canada & World Studies, and Library Services

Bell High School


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