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Private Classes

Though Christie's main focus is on her Be Well in Your Body and Path to Ultimate Vibrancy programs, she has taught numerous Private Yoga classes throughout the Ottawa-Gatineau area over the years. Non-program private yoga classes are possible on an as-requested basis, depending on Christie's availability. All classes are taught based on the individual or group's goals and are specifically adjusted to ensure each participant can practice yoga within their personal capabilities. As part of this service, Christie can include meditation, breathing exercises and individual yoga poses.


Semi-private Yoga


Working with Christie has really been a wonderful experience. Her passion, knowledge and commitment to her craft inspires nothing but confidence. Add awesome sessions and great results, both of which she consistently delivers, and you have a perfect blend and a talented instructor. Christie has a capacity to create the right session for the right moment and is mindful to take into consideration not only what you have told her with words, but also what your body is saying. I would highly recommend any yoga experience with Christie, but the private sessions are worth the commitment.

- Antoine


Private (one student)


Private Hatha:

“I started taking private yoga classes from Christie over two years ago. I have benefited tremendously from it. I feel more calm and centered, and more active and agile. Christie is a very patient, detail-oriented and cheerful teacher, making adjustments and modifications wherever necessary. Her incorporation of meditation and mantras I find very meaningful and enjoyable. Also she has helped me improve my flexibility and balance and focus since I started classes with her. ... Overall, I find Christie to be an excellent yoga teacher who is motivating and encouraging.”

- Jaya


Theraputic Yoga, private sessions:

“I took Therapeutic Yoga classes with Christie after each of my chemotherapy treatments. The combination of gentle movement, breathing techniques and relaxation helped me to manage side effects, sleep better and heal quicker.”

- Amanda



Private Group (three to five students)


Private group yoga (French) testimonial:

"J'adore les cours groupe privé de Christie car elle est à l'écoute de nos besoins individuels. Elle prend le temps d'expliquer les movements, de répondre à nos questions et surtout de nous mettre à l'aise tout au long du cours. Son expertise en yoga thérapeutique m'aide à guérir mes blessures physiques et sa bonne humeur à apaiser mon esprit. C'est une magnifique personne et une fantastique professeure de yoga!"

- Mélissa


Private Family Yoga


Christie’s Private Family Yoga classes include: meditation, breathing exercises, individual yoga poses, partner yoga poses, and family yoga poses. In these classes, the children are encouraged to be creative and expressive, while being respectful of other family members' space, emotions and physical needs. Parents are also encouraged to find their "inner child" and express their creativity in a way that strengthens their bond with each child and the family as a whole.


"Our kids LOVE the private family yoga class we have with Christie. They are 6 and 8 and they are very engaged physically, mentally and spiritually in the class. Christie's techniques make the class fun and stimulating for kids. I recommend this for any parent or family. It is great for bonding, good exercise and great stress relief."

- Juanita and Eric



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