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Public and Community Classes


Christie offers various public yoga classes throughout the Ottawa area at many of the city's community centers and occasionally in its lovely open spaces. All participants are encouraged to do the class based on their individual abilities.


Yoga Tune Up®


The course definitely was a tune up for alignment, balance and relaxation. Christie made it doable, but not too easy. A great experience! Also, the rolling delivers loud nerve messages that shut off my tremors while rolling. Something not everyone can appreciate.

- Rich


Energy Work and Yoga


Christie is a wonderful yoga teacher who offers sequences that are challenging, safe and that help to keep students present during class. Christie is also an amazing energy worker, whom I work with regularly. Christie taught me my level 1 and 2 Reiki and is always there to support my growth. I highly recommend Christie to anyone looking for a great yoga teacher or energy worker.

- Tom


Community Centre Yoga Classes


I am so pleased to have discovered Christie’s yoga classes at my local community centre.  The classes are wellness-focused and Christie gives a variety of options to accommodate each individual’s needs. We learn something new and interesting every week. After each class I feel so relaxed, much more limber, and a lot less stressed. Thank you Christie!

- Judy


Breath-work. Body awareness. Alignment. Mindfulness. Meditation. Relaxation. These are some words that describe a class led by Christie. She is a knowledgeable and excellent yoga instructor. I have attended numerous classes over the years and am so happy to have come across Christie whose teaching approach expands and enriches my practice. Leading all her classes in an informative way, she isolates the important aspects of each pose. She gives everyone permission to follow the feel of their own body and to honour its capabilities. This results in moving correctly and deeply into the various positions thus reaping the true benefits of a yoga practice. I always leave Christie’s class feeling more grounded while at the same time lighter. Thank you, Christie!

- Darlene


 I searched a long time for the right yoga teacher and finally found Christiane. I've now been practicing with her for about 3 years. As a yoga teacher, she is ever mindful of how you move and position your body, and stresses supporting your body when you need it and focusing on doing only what your body can comfortably do. Her class is about your personal practice, your needs in that moment. (…) I have learned many helpful hints from her about how to relieve stress and pain in my body. One helpful position that has helped me with my asthma is the Pranic Bath stretch which opens your ribs and your lungs and helps you to breathe better. As Christiane says, anyone can do yoga. Believe her.

- Joan


Yoga at the Bay


During the 2014 summer months, Christie offered free outdoor yoga classes on Sundays at Mooney's Bay. Tucked into a corner of the Bay, under willow trees and right along the Rideau River, the location provides a beautiful space for yoga and meditation!






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