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Welcome to your one-stop shop for all your wellness needs. Christie is a unique professional. An experienced yoga teacher, functional movement specialist, Reiki Master and wellness consultant, she will work with you to address your specific health and wellness needs.


Tous les services sont aussi disponibles en français.


Christie also offers a full inclusive yoga program and coaching program designed to meet your needs.

  • Corporate Wellness

    The pressures and stresses at work are increasing, but people’s ability to find balance and maintain their health has decreased substantially. For years now Christie has been bringing her wellness expertise into the office providing tangible tools individuals can use while sitting in a meeting or working at their desk.


    Corporate wellness comes in many forms! Whether you’re looking for a one-time “lunch’n’learn” stress-relief workshop or a weekly yoga or meditation course, Christie can deliver the tools and techniques that will help you feel a bit more at peace in the workplace.


    All of her services are available in both English and French.


    Price depends on corporate wellness service requested. Contact Christie for quote.

  • Reiki Treatments

    Reiki is a Japanese technique that involves a natural hands-on method of energy balancing to help reduce stress and encourage the body to relax to facilitate the healing process.*


    60 minutes             $100


    *Reiki training is also available

  • Chakra Therapy

    Using various techniques, including movement, poses, sounds and breath, experience a cleansing and activation of the chakras to encourage better energy flow and overall health.


    60 minutes             $100


  • Working with Crystals

    Crystals are more than just rocks! They are alive with energy which you can easily tap into, too. Learn how to choose crystals, cleanse and charge them, and work with crystals based on their specific energetic properties.


    (Pouch with a variety of crystals provided)


    90 minutes             $175

  • Working with Elements

    Elementals are energy beings who resonate with one of the four elements of life and nature: earth, air, fire and water. Learn about the various Elementals and how you can work with them. Working with Elementals is light and fun and rewarding for everyone!


    90 minutes             $175

  • Space Cleansing

    Just like our energetic body can become stagnant and unhealthy, so can the energy in the space around us. Energy cleansing of your home and office space will make your environment healthier, more positive and vibrant.


    (Price depends on size of space)


    Home space             $150-$300

    Office/Other           $300-$2500

  • Oracle/Tarot Card Readings

    Energetic healing and spiritual wellness can take place in various ways, including through card-reading sessions. Using oracle and/or tarot cards, readings provide gentle and insightful guidance related to a situation or experience to help you better understand issues and patterns in your life.



    15 minutes             $25 (with another service)

    30 minutes             $40

    45 minutes             $65

  • Nature-based Practices

    As our world shifts with the new higher consciousness frequencies, a growing number of people are seeking support as both their professional and personal lives change. True wellness addresses all aspects of life: the physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual levels.


    Learn to work with the Wheel of the Year, the energy of the seasons, the lunar cycle, common herbs, aromatherapy and essential oils. Learn to make fermented drinks such as kombucha and kefir water.


    (Keep all samples you make)


    90 minutes             $175

    120 minutes           $250

    180 minutes           $325

  • Support for Conscious Grieving

    Grief is a very personal process. No two people grieve in the same way; nor does a person experience grief exactly the same way with each loss. Having someone support you through your grief can help you feel less alone at a time when you feel most vulnerable and hurt. It can also be helpful in obtaining a sense of personal closure and peace.


    Christie understands the pain of loss and the importance of honouring one’s personal grieving experience. Having lost numerous people close to her over the years, she has a unique ability to be a gentle and nurturing presence, to listen, and to support others through the most difficult of times.


    Conscious grieving simply means the ability to experience one’s grief from a place of personal truth and authenticity, and gain a sense of healing, peace and comfort in the process.


    Often times we only associate grief with the passing of a loved one. However, there are many different types of grief that we experience throughout our lives: a divorce or a parting of ways, the end of a chapter in our lives (i.e. perimenopause/menopause), preparing for an upcoming change, and even preparing for death itself.


    Using various energy healing tools, soul review techniques, and consciousness-raising practices, Christie can support you through your conscious grieving process in a loving way to help bring about a sense of peace and comfort, and overall well-being, back into your life.


    Contact Christie to book discuss how she can help guide you through the process of grieving.

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