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Have you ever been told to push yourself harder than your body can handle and work through the pain? Well, “no pain, no gain” doesn’t exist in yoga.


Many people have the misconception that yoga is only for people who are flexible and have a certain body shape (i.e. skinny). Nothing could be further from the truth.


Everyone can do yoga, regardless of age, weight, flexibility or physical ability.


Yoga is about connecting the body and the mind through the breath to create calmness and well-being, and to help reduce stress.


All yoga poses can be modified to suit your abilities. Doing yoga should not hurt. If it does, the pose needs to be modified!


To learn more about some of the styles and modalities that Christie teaches, click on the titles below:


Hatha YogaHatha Yoga can be considered the yoga “umbrella” under which the yoga poses fall. Hatha is the general style of yoga which encompasses other styles, such as: Yin, Ashtanga, Gentle, Power, Hot, Flow, etc. Once you become familiar with the basic Hatha poses, you can comfortably take any yoga class and modify according to your abilities. This style of yoga is great for everyone and is often offered as classes for basic/beginner and intermediate levels.Yin YogaUsing Hatha poses, Yin is a gentle form of stretching which allows the body to release tension. Yin poses are considered more passive (meaning the muscles are more relaxed) so the stretches can be held longer to penetrate deeper into the muscles’ connective tissues. This is a wonderful style of yoga for anyone looking to gently increase their flexibility, including runners, walkers and other active people.Yoga Tune Up®Yoga Tune Up® is movement of the body in a structurally-aligned way that naturally increases one’s mobility, strength and flexibility while ensuring the body remains safely positioned and stable. This leading-edge, science-based style of yoga focuses on therapeutic movement using sound bio-mechanics of the body. It also includes the use of Roll Model®Therapy Balls for deep tissue release. Yoga Tune Up® was developed by Jill Miller in California, USA. As one of only a handful of certified practitioners in Canada, Christie is also licensed to offer The Roll Model® Method classes.Therapeutic YogaTherapeutic Yoga is a modality that includes various yoga styles with the intention to bring about healing, primarily of the body. It also includes breath-work and meditation to benefit the mental and emotional levels. In most cases, Therapeutic Yoga is an effective activity which can complement ongoing treatment for various medical conditions. When done safely, gently and within one’s abilities, it can help you on your journey back to health. It can help relieve stress, lower blood pressure, reduce the risks of heart disease, alleviate depression and anxiety, ease the pain and stiffness of arthritis, and cope with cancer and various other illnesses. However, please consult your doctor and other health-care professionals before undertaking any activity, including yoga. As part of her Therapeutic Yoga services, Christie offers the following modalities: Yoga Tune Up®,Somatic Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Chair Yoga.Somatic YogaSomatic Yoga (also known as Somayog) consists of connecting gentle movements with the breath to help the body readjust and maintain proper posture through spinal alignment. The focus is on isolating the muscles of the body part in motion while keeping the rest of the body relaxed. This style of yoga benefits all, especially people who suffer from neck or back pain and injuries.  Restorative YogaRestorative Yoga is considered an "active relaxation." It is a therapeutic form of yoga where the emphasis is placed on relaxing the body in various poses, using numerous props for comfort, to stimulate the body's natural healing process. This gentle style of yoga is suitable for all individuals wishing to experience deep relaxation while getting the benefits of yoga, as well as people dealing with stress, injuries and illnesses. Chair YogaChair Yoga is a therapeutic form of yoga specifically designed for individuals whose mobility is limited. All poses are done sitting in a chair and, depending on one’s abilities, using a chair as a prop to support the body. This form of yoga is a great option for individuals of all physical abilities, especially seniors and people suffering from injuries and illnesses.


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