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Yoga Tune Up® offers several specialized immersion trainings where students study in great depth: the anatomy of the body; the biomechanics of functional movement, poses and posture; the regulation of the nervous system; and the process of supporting the body’s natural ability to heal from chronic pain, strain, injury and illness in a more holistic and integrated way to prevent future issues.


Christie is a unique professional. She assesses her clients holistically and identifies the underlying causes of their physical issues. As a Certified Integrated Yoga Tune Up® teacher, Christie has a deep understanding of the intricate weavings of the human body and mind. This enables her to determine the underlying causes of her clients’ pain, injury or loss of mobility and to work with them to create a personalized program that will address their specific needs, and help them reach their health and wellness goals.


The Roll Model® Method


As one of only a handful of certified practitioners in Canada, Christie is licensed to offer The Roll Model® Method classes.


This therapeutic practice, which is a separate part of the Yoga Tune Up® fitness system, focuses on self-care and self-myofascial release (self-massage) using the various Roll Model® Therapy Balls.


The practice may also include breath work, CheckIn and ReCheck, elements of alignment and posture, anatomy instruction, and awareness on both the mental and physical levels.



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